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'We Expect A Tough Match'

'We Expect A Tough Match'

Neftçi PFK head coach Roberto Bordin and midfielder Emin Makhmudov shared their opinions on second leg of UEFA Europa League match against Ujpest FC.

Roberto Bordin: ‘It is going to be very tough here, as it was in Baku. Yes, we are 3-1 ahead, but we expect a match with a good side. Weather is good here comparing to Baku and this will give both teams an opportunity to play better. I am sure that our opponents will put everything on the field. One conceded goal in the first leg affects us effectively, so we don’t have a right to relax.’

Emin Makhmudov: ‘’It will be a tough match, Ujpest FC is very good physically. We will try to show our game and win. We’re highly motivated.’