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Goran Parecki: 'We Need To Be Patient'

Goran Parecki: 'We Need To Be Patient'

Neftçi PFK Croatian midfielder Goran Paracki shared his expectations about the start of the season.

Tomorrow is the start of Topaz Premier League. What feelings do you have prior to the match?
I can’t wait championship to start. We are very ambitious and we want a good start. We worked hard this preseason and want us to show that on the field to the Neftçi fans first game against Sumqayit.

It was a disappointing campaign in Europa League. Have you already forgot about Ujpest?
Of course we were disappointed after away game in Budapest, especially after good result in Baku. But it was only one bad day in the office and we already forgot it. We are focused on championship and first game tomorrow. We need to show Neftçi fans what we show them in the first game against Ujpest.

What should be main aims of Neft
çi this season?
To do our best, and I know we can do it a lot. We want to fight for the first place and we will till the end but I don’t want to give any predictions. Let’s go from game to game, to give our best. That is the right path.

You have surely seen some Sumgayit matches. What kind of a team are they?
They play very compact, we will need to be patient and keep the ball.

You have played in numerous clubs throughout your career. Is it anything that marks Neftçi? What is the main difference between Neftçi and those clubs?
I’d say fans. They make difference, Neft
çi fans really like the club and its history. Neftçi is a big club in Azerbaijan. We have big support from them and we can feel it.

You have attended Qarabag matches in Champions League. You were there to support Ozobic or to see what is your opponent like?
I was mainly want to see how they play because they’re our biggest opponents. It was a good moment to see them in action. Ozobic is my big friend, we played together in Croatia but when we meet in the match, I will forget about our friendship for 90 minutes.

By the way, it was a fantastic summer for Croatian football as your national team reached World Cup final. How does it feel to represent second football nation in the world?
It’s awesome, I cannot describe the feeling. Croatia has only 4 million people and it is a big result for us. People often say that in Croatia we have 4 million national coaches because everyone think only about football. We have lots of talented players, football is number 1 in Croatia and we are very emotional about it. I played with Ivan Strinic in U19 national team and there are some other players that I know as well.