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Bordin and Petrov's Press Conference in Moldova

Bordin and Petrov's Press Conference in Moldova

A press conference was held in the framework of the first qualifying round of the Europa League with the participation of head coach Roberto Bordin and player Kirilo Petrov before the match Speranta - Neftçi to be held at Zimbru Stadium at 21:00 Baku time on July 11. Ukrainian defender commented on the game: "We have analyzed Speranta well. They are a strong opponents. We are seriously prepared. We will try not to repeat the mistakes we made last year. We are ready to fight for 90 minutes."


Petrov also answered the questions of journalists: "I do not want to mention any aspect of the opponent, let's keep it secret, but the head coach showed us the weak and strong points of the opponent in the theoretical training."


Then the head coaches were promised: "After a while, I'm glad to return to Moldova, because I have had a good time here, and I've had good success with Sheriff. Of course, we will face a strong opponent. That's why we come to this country very quickly, so get better. Our main goal is to get good results by playing properly."


The Italian specialist responded to the questions of mass media representatives saying, "Baqali Dabo and Soni Mustivar do not train from the first day of the training session, but we have a strong player such as Monrose and we have good footballers in every position, the competition has been strengthened, we are trying to draw conclusions from the mistakes we have made, and we have a good team, because the opponent's physical condition in Moldova can continue to be better, but we also have a good game. We must take into account that the stage consists of two games, although some positions have changed and I know the opponent's head coach and his players. We respect the opponent, we will fight till the end. As always, we will try to play a great game and make our fans happy. I believe we will eventually celebrate the victory. Our fans have always supported us, just like last season. This gives us additional motivation. "


After the conference, the first 15 minutes of our team's training was open to media representatives.



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