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Bordin's Reaction On The Victory Over Speranta

Bordin's Reaction On The Victory Over Speranta

Roberto Bordin, head coach of Neftçi PFK, shared his opinion at a press conference after the match with Speranta. The Italian specialist said he was satisfied with both the result and the players' approach to the game.

"Of course, I'm very satisfied with the result, and I'm convinced that many players are approaching the game, they were motivated and motivated by the first minutes, and that's what I have to say, and if we think that we have passed the stage, we have a great mistake. We need to prepare well for the answer game."

Then the head coach responded to journalists' questions: "No one could think that we had a good victory, but it did not work well, and my players were able to do their job, and in the first half our opponent was hit by a knockout and I tried to play attacking soccer. It is important that Rahman is a good footballer, but other players - Namik and Ismayil - have also played well, as well as those who have played in the starting squad well. "We have a good players, we have a lot of competition, the result is important, but for me It is a great pleasure for the players who are important for the big victory, so I'm very glad to play properly against such a good physical team. Ismail Zulfugarli is a very good young man but we have other players, all of which are important to us, and I've been given a chance to debut with Ismayil in the Europa League because we were ahead 3-0."



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