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Bordin: Any Win Will Satisfy Me

Bordin: Any Win Will Satisfy Me

A press conference was held with the participation of head coach Roberto Bordin and captain Emin Mahmudov before the Neftçi - Speranta match at Bakcell Arena on July 18 at 21:00 within the first qualifying round of the European League


Roberto Bordin: "We returned with a 3: 0 win over the trip. Nevertheless, we are seriously preparing for the game. We will try to play attack football."


Mahmudov also answered journalists' questions: "In Moldova, Sheriff lost to Saburtalo 0: 3 and scored three goals in the first 10 minutes.


Then the coach told the coach: "Tomorrow is a challenging game, it's football, and there are unexpected results in football, so we'll get the most out of the game to win, and the first game should not be deceived. But there were real chances for the break, and Salahat Agayev saved us and then we scored."


Roberto Bordin's response to the questions of mass media representatives was as follows: "We will define the starting squad after today's training, both Baqali Dabo and Soni Mustivar are important players for us, who have already started trainings with the main team, who has worked hard for the last week and has a great character. He is working on his own, which is a good preparation, and maybe tomorrow we will be able to see him in the squad ... There is also progress in Dabo, which will continue to be restored on the instruction of doctors, I think the game with. After passing this stage, we will consider other topics as well. We will try to show attacking football, we will be the party that puts the game into play, winning aggressively from the beginning to the end. Win with any score will satisfy me. It was a game that was important for me in the match. As the championship continues in Moldova, the opponent can be more prepared. However, our players were serious about the game. True, we had some mistakes, but I was satisfied with the first game. I do not want to comment on what the opponent said after the first meeting."


After the conference, the first 15 minutes of our team's training was open to media representatives.


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