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'Our Players Know How Serious The Upcoming Match Is"

'Our Players Know How Serious The Upcoming Match Is"

Head coach Roberto Bordin and midfielder Namik Alaskarov has held a press conference before the match against Bnei Yehuda at Bakcell Arena.

Namik Alaskarov: "It is a very important game for us. We know how serious your opponent is. We have analyzed their games. Tomorrow we will do our best to achieve good results. ”

Roberto Bordin: "Tomorrow we are going to have a tough game against a strong opponent. They are very good defensive. They try to control the ball more often. From the very first minutes, if we look at the game correctly, we will get a good result. ”

"We have a lot of expectations for ourselves in the game. If they come here, they will be self-sacrificing and self-confident. But we are not satisfied with this successful performance. Let's work hard and win tomorrow. The opponent is protected by the whole squad and wants to create a counterattack using every mistake.The opponent has 3 missing players, but they have enough good players to replace them. Each opponent has their own unique level. Let's continue the good form in 4 matches, our team is not in the euphoria, and since the last match, all our players know how serious the game is going to come. They are already training with the team, and Dabo has been training with the team for two days but in my opinion, it is still not 100% ready. Probably tomorrow. As for Rauf, he fights in the square and is very determined. He scored an important moment in the last game, which gave the team even more motivation. Of course, it is nice for every coach to have all the staff under his hands and to use each one in the right place."



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