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Bordin's Reaction On Draw Vs Bnei Yehuda

Bordin's Reaction On Draw Vs Bnei Yehuda

"We expected the opponent to be defensive from the first minute with 8-9 players. Sometimes they were joined by two attackers and they were on the defensive with the whole team. The first half was having trouble attacking. We had episodes, but we couldn't use them, but the team was up and fighting until the end. We had some gaps in defense. We’ll play better in the second leg”.

"We tried to attack in the first half. But we made a mistake and the opponent punished us. Nevertheless, we scored and scored and equalized the score. Arsenal was playing football, and our today’s opponent was too defensive. We played Kane because Arsenal's mid-line is strong, but we needed Platellas, who was creative and had a fantasy, and even Dabo and Namik, because they could create more dangerous situations. We knew how Bney Yehuda would play. The concentration of all the players was in this game. They were well prepared. We just made mistakes when we were attacking, and our opponent benefited. It's not just the attackers when the team is scoring. The same thing about defense. We did not miss a purely defensive mistake. We made mistakes in the whole team. We will work on them. The opponent was completely withdrawn. We were trying to get the attack centered. It also cost us a lot. But the character of the players has changed. I believe that we will be the side that crosses the stage. Everybody wanted to win. I know that everyone supported us. I don't want to overestimate his opponent. They showed clever football and were properly defended. Mbodj is a player who plays well with long head passes. At the end of the game I saw that it was pointless to keep a defender behind because the opponent was not coming to our goal. So we tried to create altitude by Mbodj. He can be useful in such episodes.”



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