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"We Must Concentrate On Every Match"

"We Must Concentrate On Every Match"

Defender Neftçi PFK Vojislav Stankovic gave an interview to the club's official website.


- The first round of the Premier League is behind. Probably you are already fully adapted to the team ...


- Of course. This is my fifth season in Azerbaijan, and I know most of the players. So I have no problem with adaptation.


- Can you compare the period you spent in Inter and Gabala with the period at Neftçi?


- The teams I played in have always been ambitious. Of course, Neftçi is no exception. On the contrary, Neftçi has a rich history compared to other teams that I played in Azerbaijan. In addition, everyone expects a victory and a championship from Neftçi - the country's most titular club.


- Neftçi is third with 11 points after 7 rounds.


- Yes, we did not start as much as we wanted. But there are still so many games to reach our goal. We will try to change everything for the better.


- When you say "Goal for us", you probably mean the championship?


- Of course. Of course, we want to become a champion. The goals of Neftçi have always been great. We need to adjust to every game and do our best. But in this case, we can improve our game and achieve good results. At the end of the season, we must see the fruits of it.


- You are the only ex-Yugoslav player in Neftçi. What's your best teammate?


- I have a good relationship with all my teammates at Neftçi, but my best friend is Filip Ozobic, a football player from Qarabagh. We played together with him in Gabala, and I have always been in contact with some of the players who have played in Azerbaijan in time.



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