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Roberto Bordin: We've Lost Two Points Not Get One

Roberto Bordin: We've Lost Two Points Not Get One

Neftçi PFK head coach Roberto Bordin expressed his opinion on the match against Qarabağ FK (0-0).

The Italian specialist said the team will try to get the maximum number of points in the next matches and will try to reduce the difference with the leader:


"It was a great game. Both teams played well. If we consider this match as a boxing sport, we have earned a lot of points. We've created a number of goal episodes.


The head coach then answered journalists' questions: "Although I wanted to look at the controversial episodes before the conference, it was not ready yet. I'll look at both episodes. Of course, 8 points made a big difference. We have won in the last 4 matches, and now we have a good draw against Qarabağ. I'm satisfied with the game, and I think the management will be pleased. If we played bad today and lost, I'd say there's a problem. Let's not forget that we were playing against Qarabağ that plays in the Europa League group stage and I don't think "Neftchi" is a problem. We wanted to reduce the score difference to 5, but it didn't. As for the dialogue between us and Richard Almeida, I wanted to explain that there was a rule violation against Soni Mustivar before the rough game against him, but he didn't keep the referee. There was a small disagreement between us and the opponent's coach. Again, I'm satisfied with the game. Because our players attacked until the last second. We didn't get one point today, we lost two points."



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