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Roberto Bordin:

Roberto Bordin: "After Analyzing The Match I Can Say More"

Neftçi PFK head coach Roberto Bordin said at a press conference in the 13th round of the Premier League with Sabail. The Italian is pleased with the game, saying that the team deserves to score at least one goal:


"It was a difficult game. We were fighting against a very closed team. We made a variety of offenses. The opponent was able to make quick attacks on our goal. We created a lot of opportunities. We deserved to score a goal."


The head coach then answered questions from reporters: "Rauf's job today was very difficult. He was close to defending and playing against three central defenders. For example, we created a lot of scoring position last season and turned it into 4 goals. It would have bothered me more if we hadn't created the scoring position. Of course, there is an artificial field effect as our team trains on natural grass. It's hard to play here. But I don't show it as a reason. Today my team played well. "Our players were better adapted to the game today than in the game against Keshla. When we saw the reason why we didn't win, we just didn't have a goal. After analyzing the match, I can say more."



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