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Welcome To Neftçi Family, Sarar!

Welcome To Neftçi Family, Sarar!

Neftçi PFK has signed a sponsorship agreement with Buta Qlobal Enerji Tekstil Company that will provide A Team with equipment. Neftçi PFK president Kamran Guliyev, Buta Qlobal Enerji Tekstil director Muhterem Ermez, PR manager of the company Samad Nasibov has attended the ceremony at Bakcell Arena with presence of Neftçi PFK players – Rahman Hajiyev, Namik Alaskarov, Dario Frederico, Agil Mammadov, Tural Akhundov, Tural Valizada, other officials and media representatives.

"We know that if there is a "big four" in Turkey, Neftçi PFK has always been at the forefront of our country. Some organizations are interested in building partnerships with us. Sarar is a well-known brand for many years. I have seen this in Turkey. Of course, Neftçi cannot work with every brand. But by the name, work and level of Sarar, Neftçi can be a very good, long-term partner. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the company and say "welcome" to the Neftçi family. I wish the Turkish national team success in Euro 2020”, - stated Neftçi PFK president Kamran Guliyev.

"The reason we come here is Neftçi. We love their colors. We are fans of Besiktas in Turkey. We don't have color, it's just white and black. Buta Qlobal has been operating in Azerbaijan and Turkey since 2012. We are in the energy and textile industries. Thank you to everyone who made this opportunity for us. We are one of the leaders in the field of textile and telecommunications. After that we will be sponsoring clothing at one of the largest clubs in the country. We are very proud. I believe that the club will produce results that will sound in Europe and around the world.”

Buta Global Energy Textile was founded in Istanbul in 2012. Textile and energy products company has been operating in Azerbaijan since that time.



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