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Fizuli Mammadov:

Fizuli Mammadov: "We Wanted To Win In Front Of Our Fans"

Head coach of Neftçi PFK Fuzuli Mammadov made his remarks at a press conference after the match with Qarabağ FK (0-0). Expressing regret for the draw, the specialist congratulated the fan group "Forza Neftçi", which will celebrate its birthday tomorrow:

"We knew we were going to play against a strong team. We were serious. The players were also trying to fulfill their assignments. We wanted to win. The fans always wanted us to win. ”Is the birthday of the fan-group. I congratulate them on this occasion. Unfortunately, we could not please them with victory. We will prepare for the upcoming games more seriously and will please our fans.”

The coach then answered reporters' questions: "We have two experienced and strong goalkeepers. We have to rely on each of them. Wisely, Agil showed himself well during the Turkey camp. It was just the choice today. It was because Frederico didn't understand the tactic at first, but then he understood us and we changed our mind. Dario had been training in Baku, plus he had some practice in the first half of the season, so we wanted him to score. Namik's episode was a bit lacking. And the opponents' defenders played very well. It's very important to adapt with our players. We will play better and win. ”



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