Mustivar: "Neftçi" means love, emotion, passion. | Neftchi

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Mustivar: "Neftçi" means love, emotion, passion.

Mustivar: "Neftçi" means love, emotion, passion.

Haitian midfielder of Neftçi PFK Soni Mustivar turns 30 today.

- Happy Birthday, Soni! How do you feel at 30?

- Thank you for your congratulations. I feel young (laughs).

- What was the most unexpected gift in your life?

- I received the most unexpected gift years ago. I don't remember what year, but the gift was a Nintendo 64 gaming console.

- How are you going to spend this day?

- I will celebrate my birthday with my wife and friends. There will be nothing unusual.

- You have been playing in Neftçi for a number of years. What does this club mean to you?

- "Neftçi" means love, emotion, passion.

- You have even played as a team captain in one game this season.

- Yes, and I am proud of that. For me, every player of the team is a captain. We must represent Neftçi with dignity.

- What can you say to the fans on the eve of the weekend against "Keshla"?

- I want them come to the game. The more they are, the stronger we will be. Let's live together to win!



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