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Fizuli Mammadov:

Fizuli Mammadov: "We Will Play Better"

Head coach of Neftçi PFK Fuzuli Mammadov made a statement at a press conference after the 18th round of the Premier League with Gabala. He thanked everyone who suffered in the victory and the fans who have traveled long distances and supported the team:

"We had to show the game in the first half after the break. However, the players suffered a lot in the arena. The score was saved. Well, it's a mobile team. It was not easy for us to play against this opponent. Thank you to everyone who has suffered in this victory. Going a long way and saying "thank you” to our fans who support us here, I hope we will play better.”

The head coach then answered journalists' questions: "The main thing I was dissatisfied with is that some of the players do not fulfill their assignments. The team started the game very well. We opened the score and scored two consecutive goals. We fought until the end to keep the clean sheet."



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