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Slavcho Georgievski: Neftçi Is My Second Home

Slavcho Georgievski: Neftçi Is My Second Home

Today, Slavcho Georgievski, a veteran football player of Neftçi, turns 40. The midfielder, born in 1980, played for Neftçi from 2010 to 2012 and won the Azerbaijani championship twice (2011, 2012). He played 20 games for the Northern Macedonia national team.

The official website of the club congratulated our veteran football player on behalf of the Neftçi family

- Slavcho, happy 40th birthday!

- Thank you! I'm glad you remember, I was very impressed.

- Given the current situation with coronavirus, it seems that you will have to celebrate your anniversary under quarantine.

- I will spend my birthday at home, under quarantine. Only my family members will attend the event. But in my heart I will be with Neftçi and its fans, because they never forget my birthday. It means a lot to me. I always tell everyone that Neftçi is my second home, Azerbaijan is my second homeland.

- How do you remember and evaluate your transfer to "Neftçi"? Did you expect your career in the flagship team to be so successful?

- After the friendly match between the national teams of Azerbaijan and Northern Macedonia (1:3) in 2010, Neftçi became interested in me. The manager said very good things about Azerbaijan and Neftçi. I also heard that Neftçi is a team with a long history and many players from the former Yugoslavia played there. I was told a lot about the beauty of Baku, but when I saw it with my own eyes, I was amazed. How beautiful Baku was! I met with him and signed a contract. As soon as possible, I realized that it is difficult and responsible to wear the uniform of "Neftçi". Because the most famous club in Azerbaijan must always play for victory and the championship, and the player must be psychologically ready for it. I wanted to win all possible titles at Neftçi and I was ready for it. For two years in a row, I was able to experience the joy of the championship and, thank God, to be a favorite of the fans. Football without fans is like life without air or water.

- It is interesting, what do you remember the most from your career in "Neftçi"?

- We had a good team. All positions, from the goalkeeper to the striker, were well equipped. Even our bench was strong. Sasha Stamenkovic, Igor Mitreski, Alessandro Viana Da Silva, Javid Imamverdiyev, Rashad Abdullayev, Flavinho, Bahodir Nasimov, Emil Mpenza and others. They were all good players. It is not for nothing that they say that the championship is won by the defense and the game is won by the offensive line. Of course, our best players were our fans. I remember a few games with Khazar Lankaran in Lankaran and Baku, we had great support from our fans. Every footballer wants such support. Our fans also came to Tovuz and Ganja, in snowy, rainy weather - they were always with us. In football you sometimes win, sometimes you lose. But the main thing is that during those two years we won more. Our opponents were not weak, but our team was stronger and better. We had a good style of play. The relationship between the players, coaches and management was good. We dedicated all our victories to our fans. It is not easy to win the championship, but it is even harder to defend it. Not every team can do it. Thank God, I was a member of the team that did it. Of course, there were negative situations. After the second championship, including me, I sacrificed my life for Neftçi. not to give Some of the players who are ready to deal with the uzadılmadı. This issue still bothers me. When I left Neftçi, I said that, God willing, one day I will return here as a head coach and gain what I could not win as a footballer.

- What did you do after finishing your career?

- After finishing my football career, I returned to my homeland, Northern Macedonia, and almost immediately applied to study in the coaching category. I have B and A categories. I am currently studying for the PRO category. In the last 5 years, I have worked in the 13, 14, 15 and 16-year-old teams of the Northern Macedonian club Rabotnicki. I have been an assistant coach in the main team three times. I refused to work in this position because it was against the rules. is to be a coach.

- Can you contact any of the players of the Neftçi period?

- Unfortunately, my schedule is very busy. When I worked as a coach, I sometimes trained twice a day. Besides, I have 3 daughters (laughs). I dedicate almost all my free time to them. However, I tried to communicate with some of my former teammates. Among them were Rail Malikov and Ruslan Amirjanov. I also try to contact Arif Asadov. Because he remains a good person and a good coach for me.



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