"I'm Very Happy To Stay" | Neftchi

“Neftchi” Professional Football Club

"I'm Very Happy To Stay"

Anton Krivotsyuk shared his thoughts about extension of his contract with Neftchi PFC.


- You signed another one-year agreement with Neftchi. What are your impressions?

- Of course, I am very happy to stay in the club, which I consider my hometown. Being part of a team that is always fighting for the championship increases my responsibility.


- In general, what role did Neftchi play in your life?

- It played a very important role. As I said, it is a great honor to wear the uniform of a team like Neftchi. I try to give my life on the field and do good to the team.

- How do you spend the quarantine period? How do you keep your form?

- The quarantine period was difficult. Frankly, I couldn't keep my form exactly as I wanted.



- The season has already resumed. What are you waiting for?

- It's hard to imagine. I think it will be in order after training.


- Do you miss football very much?

- Of course! Football is a part of my life, but I miss my family more. After all, they live in another country.



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