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"I Want To End My Career Here"

"I Want To End My Career Here"

Captain Emin Mahmudov gave an interview to the club's official website after extending his contract with Neftchi for 3 years. He said he was happy to have signed a long-term contract and wants to stay at Neftchi until the end of his career.

- Emin, how do you feel after signing a new contract with Neftchi?
- I am very happy! I have been used to the team since I played here for 3 years. I am happy to have a long-term contract, not unity. I would like to stay at Neftchi until the end of my career.

- "Neftchi" resumes training today. Do you think the team will be fully ready for the first match on June 21?
- I am not sure that we will restore 100% of our physical training, but I believe that our coaches will be able to prepare the team to the maximum. We have a very difficult and tiring championship ahead of us. Therefore, we have no right to be reassured. Of course, after that we have to think about the European Cups. But first you need to play the remaining 8 matches successfully.

- Probably, like other footballers, did you try to keep your uniform at home during the quarantine period? How much did you buy it?
- I have trained a lot personally. I ran a lot on the treadmill. Of course, these do not replace training on football fields. However, I think I am in good shape.



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