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"It Will Be Hard To Play Without Fans"

"It Will Be Hard To Play Without Fans"

Neftchi's Omar Buludov shared his impressions about the extension of his contract. In an interview with the club's official website, the young player said that it would be very difficult to play without fans.

- You have signed another one-year contract with Neftchi. What does it mean for you to stay in the club you want to play for?
- In my opinion, there is no need to say a word. Everyone knows that it is a great honor to play for a club like Neftchi and to be a member of the main staff. I am happy to stay in my home team.

- The long break caused by the coronavirus pandemic cannot pass unnoticed to the players. To what extent have you been able to maintain your form?
- I tried to stay in shape as much as possible. For this, I did not stop training, even at home.

- Premier League matches will be resumed on June 21. How difficult will it be to play without fans?
- Of course, it will be very difficult to play without fans. The fan is our 12th player. It would be great to see them in the stands again. I hope that the fans will soon be allowed to come to the games and support us.

- What do you expect from the last 8 games of the season?
- We will continue to fight for the championship. It will be difficult to take into account the difference in points, but no one should think that we are reconciled with the second place. I trust our team, we will fight to the end.



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