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New Coach At Neftchi

New Coach At Neftchi

A new appointment has been made to the coaching staff of PFC Neftchi. Vadar Nuriyev will work as an assistant coach in the main team. The 47-year-old specialist has a one-year contract.

It should be noted that Vadar Nuriyev, who played 46 games for Neftchi in 1998-2001, won the Azerbaijan Cup in 1999. Nuriyev, who became the head coach of our reserve team in 2018, played for Inter's substitutes and U-19 teams. He also worked as a head coach in the substitutes of "Olympic-Shuvalan", in the Azerbaijani national team of 19-year-olds, and as an assistant head coach in the clubs AZAL, MOIK and "Keshla".



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