Fuzuli Mammadov: "This Victory Is Very Important For Us" | Neftchi

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Fuzuli Mammadov: "This Victory Is Very Important For Us"

Fuzuli Mammadov: "This Victory Is Very Important For Us"

The head coach of Neftchi PFC Fuzuli Mammadov expressed his views at the post-match press conference of the 3rd round of the Premier League against Qarabagh. Dedicating the victory to all oil workers and Neftchi fans, the expert said that these 3 points are important:

"Today is Oil Workers' Day. I congratulate all oil workers on this occasion. We dedicate this victory to all oil workers and Neftchi fans. We knew it would be a tense game. Both teams were tired after the Euro Cup match. We almost did not have time to prepare the players for this game. We made the most of the time to prepare. Our team showed determination on the field today. This victory was very important for us. "

The head coach's response to journalists' questions was as follows: "Both teams were in the same physical condition. It is true that Qarabagh had a lot of rest one day, but I would like to note their return from the trip and the warm weather in the city where they played. I would not say that the opponent is weak. We are not weak either. Today our footballers fought and won. As for Tallison's reserve, he is a player who pays attention to himself, but today he was on the bench due to the limit. Prince Ibara is a very good player. Prior to that, he had little playing experience in the country where he played. In addition, he was very tired after the game with Galatasaray. However, he did his best to help the team. Mirabdulla's behavior, training and attitude to the game have changed for the better. If this continues, he will be one of our key players. Anton Krivotsyuk for us We had problems in the game with Sumgayit, but they disappeared. We needed time. The players have already started to better understand my requirements. I believe in all my players. It is enough for Neftchi fans to believe in us and support us, we will have victories again.



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