Stadium Tour | Neftchi

“Neftchi” Professional Football Club

Stadium Tour


1."Media center”– distribution of Stadium Tour accreditations, demonstration of a video-reportage made of scored goals by PFC Neftchi (on screen);

2. Press-Conference room – photos taken with a cup, backdrop & PFC Neftchi stand;

3. A visit to Dressing-room– photos taken with official team shirts of PFC Neftchi;

4."Mix Zone”– photos taken at flash interviews points;

5.Tunel– tour participants define a team captain before entering the field and one person receives captain bandage, participants can hear PFC Neftchi fans voce and they enter the field under applauds;

6. Field – participants are informed of toss coin process by referees  and take photo at technical areav. Hear the are informed of capacity of arena, grass, standart grass sizes, and other interesting information;

7.Fan-shop stand– here participants are informed about "Fan-shop” area and they receive PFC Neftchi shirts as well as a scarves;

8.Tribune – Everyone who receives a shirt as well as a scarf should wear them and have a chance to look at filed from  3A tribune and at this time photos are taken from the tribune. 

9.VIP lounge – here participants have tea, water, varios juices and dessers;

10.PresidentialSkybox– participant are familiarized with a place where PFC Neftchi management watch games;

11. As a gift one of PFC Neftchi footballers presents photos taken of participants;

12. Final– participants are questioned their impressions on stadium tour for PFC Neftchi official website and social pages. 



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